National Hearing Implant & Viani Research Centre

Welcome to the National Hearing Implant & Viani Research Centre

Our Mission

To bring our patients through the ‘Journey Out of Silence’ by enabling hearing, communication, and better quality of life.

Hearing loss affects one in every 1,000 children born in Ireland and nearly 1 in 3 adults over the age of 60 have disabling hearing loss.

We provide an efficient patient centred service to all our patients, and their families, who undergo assessment, surgery and rehabilitation for cochlear implants.

Our multidisciplinary team is committed to continuously audit the clinical outcomes of our implanted patients to deliver a state of the art service.

I was implanted four years ago and I truly feel that I would not have the confidence I have today without them.

Courtney, 20.Implanted in 2014 aged 16

After being almost completely deaf for many be able to hear the birds sing, listen to music and hear my grandchildren speak was a new lease of life for me.

Michael, 75Implanted in 2011 aged 67

I love being able to hear with my cochlear implants because I can join in with the jokes and laugh along with my friends.

Taylor Beth, 8.Implanted in 2012 aged 2

The cochlear implant has opened doors for a whole new world of communication and more importantly, opportunity.

Cameron, 15.Implanted in 2008 aged 5

Hearing with a cochlear implant gives the tones of rain splishing onto leaves, plopping into puddles and splashing onto an umbrella - while knowing a stream is rushing alongside you.

Caroline, 48.Implanted in 2011 aged 40

My children never knew that water had a sound, the shower, a tap, the sea the rain, until they had their cochlear implants switched on.

Fionn & Grace's MumImplanted in 2013 aged 6 / 2

Today ‘life is great’. I am still encountering new sounds. Today I can hear most music on the radio and enjoy listening to plays and dramas.

Paul, 54.Implanted in 2019 aged 44

It provided better and more natural hearing than my traditional hearing aid, whilst allowing me to continue working in a busy school environment until retirement age.

Des, 72.Implanted in 2001 aged 55